Old Dominion Freight Line

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Old Dominion Freight Line was founded by Earl and Lillian Congdon in 1934. They started with a single truck running between Richmond, VA and Norfolk, VA. When Congress regulated the trucking industry in 1935-1939, Old Dominion received the Interstate Commerce Commission to transport general commodities and began a period of rapid growth.

When World War II broke, it created a boom in traffic between bases in Richmond, VA and Norfolk, VA Old Dominion was the leading company then. Between the years 1940-1946 Teamsters organized drivers and warehouse workers to stage a strike against OD. From then on Old Dominion reopened as a nonunion carrier.

Between 1950-1962 The company was incorporated and Lillian Congdon assumes the presidency (her husband Earl passed away). In 1957, Old Dominion extended its operations to most major markets in North Carolina and southern Virginia by acquiring Bottoms-Fiske Truck Line. OD's corporate offices was move to High Point and merges with Bottoms-Fiske.

Old Dominion Freight Line entered a period of unprecedented expansion between the years 1969-1979. The company engaged in several acquisitions which allowed them to extend their coverage to the northeastern and southern region. They have acquired companies like Barnes Truck Line, Nilson Motor Express, and White Transport in 1969.Followed by Star Transport in 1972 and Deaton Trucking in 1979.

When Congress partially deregulated the motor carriers between 1980-1984, applicants where granted nationwide operating authority. Old Dominion was able to extend its services to Florida, Tennessee, California, Dallas, and Chicago. Old Dominion concentrated on LTL, building density and improved its profitability. The company went public in 1991. Old Dominion started Intraregional service in the mid-Atlantic region in 1993. Purchasing selected assets of Fredrickson Motor Express, Goggin Truck Line, Inc. and Skyline between the years 1998-2000, Old Dominion enhanced super regional carrier positioning.

From 2001 up to the present Old Dominion continued its acquisition of other trucking companies and kept on expanding their business. The company acquired Carter and Sons Trucking and expanded into Nevada, Nebraska, Oregon and Washington State and built density in existing areas throughout the country. It also expanded into South Dakota and Vermont and continues to build density in existing areas throughout the United States Old Dominion acquired the selected assets of Wichita Southeast Kansas Transit, and Priority Freight Line. Old Dominion 's global contribution is that it introduced direct service to Canada and service between U.S. And China.

Old Dominion Freight Line's Domestic Services:

Regional/ Super Regional LTL Service OD's super regional service enables the customer to ship both interregionally and intraregionally with the most competitive transit times and pricing programs offered. With over 210 service centers and service to over 98% of the U.S. population, OD is the best LTL solution.

Security Divider Service. Old Dominion's Security Divider Service provides guaranteed, locked-in security for nose-loaded special or uncrated non-containerized freight. The customer's freight is locked securely into place on a trailer at its origin. It will only be unlocked when the freight arrives at its final destination.

Truckload and Special Services These are products that give more options for a customer's transportation requirements. OD can also provide expedited and truckload services to all of North America. They offer transportation solutions for oversized commodities, full truckload services between the US, Canada and Mexico, flatbed service and dedicated service. Furthermore, their linehaul service for Assembly and Distribution programs lets the customer to more effectively streamline their transportation program.

Assembly and Distribution:


Old Dominion can provide assembly of the customer's product at any one of their facilities. It will only take a request for the customer's vendors to ship their LTL shipments to a designated ODFL facility. OD will cross dock the LTL shipments onto an ODFL linehaul unit or a truckload carrier of the customer's choice. Once the linehaul unit is full and the load is complete, it is dispatched for delivery to the customer's destination of choice. Customers will receive manifest reporting, OS&D information, and timely track and trace capabilities from OD.


Old Dominion can provide distribution of the customer's product from any of OD's facilities.The shipper can choose an OD linehaul or truckload carrier to be dispatched to a designated ODFL service center within a strategic geographic area. The linehaul unit will be unloaded by OD and will process the freight based on the shipment breakout provided by the shipper. Old Dominion then creates several LTL shipments destined to multiple customers within a strategic geographic area. OD would gladly provide labeling, BOL creation, sort and segregation service, bar code scanning, as well as timely track and trace capability.

Business Solutions This particular offering provide the customers a wide variety of services designed to effectively manage their supply chain processes. With services such as expense control via supply improvement, transactional process control, capital utilization, modular hosted software applications, and on-site traffic personnel, OD supplies the tools the customers require to optimize their changing transportation landscape.

Domestic Coverage

OD provides direct service to the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Central States, Gulf States, and West regions of the country.

Old Dominion Freight Line's Expedited Services:

Speed Service Guaranteed. Normal transit times guaranteed to deliver on time or OD offers their freight services for free. Speed service guaranteed features are: High level, top priority shipments within the OD system and On-line tracking / tracing.

Speed Service on Demand. Time specific delivery or their freight charges are free. OD Expedited Coordinators supplies tailored-fit solutions for customer's emergency shipments. Whether the customer's shipment needs same day, next day or any day service - by a specific time, Speed Service On Demand will get it there ON TIME.. In case that OD Expedited can't accommodate a customer's request (which rarely happens), OD can provide solutions utilizing one of their carefully selected, asset-based expedited carriers which they will coordinate with door-to-door .

Speed Service Air. OD's Speed Service Air has established a dedicated network to provide you with completely customized door-to-door air service deliveries that a customer can definitely count on.

White Glove Service. This service provides inside delivery to residential, medical, and retail facilities across the continental U.S. with the trust that comes with their Old Dominion name. Four service levels range from basic over-the-threshold delivery to more complex deliveries that include up to two flights of stairs, unpacking, debris removal, and assembly. They have over 1,100 two-person delivery teams that are equipped to handle the customer's high-claim packages reliably, with real-time track-and- trace for full visibility and flexible delivery windows with confirmed appointments.

Old Dominion Freight Line's Global Services:

Worldwide LCL and Container Load Services . OD·Global offers seamless, reliable Worldwide LCL and FCL services custom-made to carry out the customer's export and import, foreign to foreign, or air freight needs. Their excellent service extends to the Caribbean, Europe, the Far East, Central America, South America, Oceania and to points in between. OD's comprehensive network gives the customers the tools they need to make Worldwide LCL & FCL shipping work for their business efficiently.

Nationwide Container Drayage. This Division can move a customer's full container (FCL) export shipments direct from any continental US point of origin to ports and rail heads in Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, Chicago, Huntsville (AL), Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Norfolk, Salt Lake City, Savannah, & Wilmington. OD also provides direct transport of the customer's import shipments from the above locations to any Continental US destination. Their complete nationwide network offers customers seamless service, reliability, and flexibility that make containerized shipping easy and efficient. This also offers export shippers an excellent opportunity to street-turn and load FCL container boxes for export, with OD offering transport back to the port or rail head of origin from their original delivery destinations and vicinities. There are also opportunities to utilize these units for transportation of backhaul, volume regular domestic cargo at very competitive prices

Global Assembly and Distribution.

Global Assembly via Ocean Vessel.

Old Dominion can provide assembly of the customer's product to meet customer's global needs. All it takes is for the customer to request their vendors to ship their LTL shipments to an ODFL facility serving the designated port city of exit. OD will cross dock the LTL shipments onto an ocean container unit for the steamship line of customer's choice. Once the container is full and the load is complete, it is manifested to the designation of choice. ODFL then provides the container drayage service to the port. Should distribution be needed at the destination, ODFL will work with the WCL partner. OD can provide you with OS&D information as well as timely track and trace capabilities.

Global Distribution via Ocean Vessel

Old Dominion can provide distribution of your overseas product upon its arrival to the United States. Once the steamship line arrives at the port, ODFL provides container drayage service to an ODFL facility serving the port city. OD unloads the ocean container and processes the freight based on the shipment breakout provided by the shipper. ODFL then creates several LTL shipments destined to multiple customers. OD even provides labeling, BOL creation, sort and segregate service, bar code scanning as well as timely track and trace capabilities.

Warehousing and Distribution Services . OD offers strategically located facilities in the nationÂâ€Ã¢„¢s major gateways in order to speed the customer's cycle times, reduce operating costs and improve inventory levels. ODÂâ€Ã¢„¢s experienced management team in every facility is dedicated to meeting every customer's demands every day. Their facilities have modern warehouse management systems powered by SAP. They offer full visibility to the customer's inventory 24 hours a day. OD also have radio frequency technology and soon will offer RFID for those customers who need it. Their warehousing solutions are designed to assist companies without in-house logistics services or wish to focus on core competencies.

Old Dominion Freight Line has already 10,737 employees under their umbrella. They have 5,513 tractors, 15,694 pup trailers, and 5,655 32 (Ft. - 53 Ft.) Vans. Their Line-haul operation is 100% 28-ft trailers. Old Dominion's net income is estimated at $34.9M.