Haulmark Trucking, Inc

By: 1099trucker.com

Haulmark Trucking, Inc - is a leading transportation company that provides a variety of Trucking, Brokerage and supply chain solutions to a diverse range of industries. Haulmark transports a wide array of goods – Frozen, refrigerated, temperature protected, manufactured goods, chemicals, and Government (specialty and heavy haul transport) across the continental U.S.

Mark Branson, president and CEO of HaulMark Trucking Inc in Houston started HaulMark in 1999. He already had 11 years of previous experience in refrigerated trucking when he started the company. Branson was a former UPS terminal manager in Houston.

HaulMark maintain one of the most latest fleets of temperature controlled trailer combinations in the country. The average age of their trailers is less than 2 years old. HaulMark runs a mix of Freightliner and Peterbilt tractors, including Freightliner Classic XLs. The most recent company trucks are Peterbilt Model 379s, powered by Caterpillar C15 engines rated at 475 horsepower at 2100 rpm. They operate Fuller RTLP-18918B 18-speed transmissions. Their fleet fuel economy averages six miles per gallon.

HaulMark's trailers are mostly 48/102s from Wabash National. HaulMark ordinarily operates single-temperature loads, either frozen or chilled. Mixed loads use movable bulkheads with the frozen freight in the nose. Trailers are geared with Carrier Transicold Ultra XL units. HaulMark has a close partnership with W&B Refrigeration, the Carrier Transicold dealer in Houston. HaulMark trailers are stationed at W&B between loads where W&B mechanics check them after each run.

Haulmark hauls a lot of melons from Arizona. Farmers use high-powered chillers to get the heat out. Customers want to keep their cantaloupes at 38° F and honeydews at 45° F. That's why Haulmark's Ultra units have six-cylinder compressors for quick temperature recovery after door openings in hot weather

Haulmark uses a global-positioning system using wireless Internet technology from @Road, which is based in Fremont, California. The system provides a module to send and receive messages instantaneously. Real-time truck location tracking is updated every two seconds.

Regional and Long Hauls

HaulMark hauls a lot of local and regional freight as well as longhaul loads. This could be 30 to 35 local and regional loads per week in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, and 45 to 50 longhaul loads. Longhauls starts from Houston to New Jersey to Florida, then returns to Houston. Another long lane is coming from Houston going to California and then back again at Houston.

HaulMark provides weekly truckload service to New Jersey and Florida. They have regular customers in those areas and they are building their account base between the Northeast, Southeast, and California.

HaulMark hauls meat to California and produce on the way back. Produce moves to Kansas and Iowa where the drivers pick up processed meat. Cut flowers and strawberries move outbound from Florida. HaulMark has authority in all 48 contiguous states. Their goal is to cover 500 to 600 miles a day. For teams, it's expected to have 1,000 miles in 24 hours. Six pairs of drivers work in teams. One of HaulMark's selling points is coast-to-coast service in three days. It takes some large fleets and four to five days to carry out this task.

HaulMark serves major supermarket chains who have zero tolerance for late deliveries. Many of HaulMark's deliveries must be made between 5 am and noon. They have an on-time delivery rate of about 99%.

The key to HaulMark's successful operation are their drivers . The company requires that new hires have a minimum of three years' commercial driving experience and a clean record. HaulMark searches for drivers with a positive attitude who get along well with customers.

HaulMark stresses safety and gives bonuses up to $1,000 to drivers who have no traffic citations and no accidents. HaulMark adopted the same policies and procedures they use at UPS. If a driver has one avoidable accident, he may enjoy his job. If he incur another accident, he can say goodbye and start looking for another company.

Operations managers for both the brokerage and trucking companies work regular office hours but are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is how they deal with emergencies. Their goal is to provide exceptional service. They e-mail customers a status report by 8 am each day. HaulMark personel are usually in the office by 7 am every morning. They print a map showing the location of all trucks and give them to office workers each morning.

Haulmark Trucking, Inc are experts in the shipment of perishable, time-to-market goods. Whether it's refrigerated or just time sensitive, Haulmark is available and ready to meet their customerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s on-time shipping needs. Superior equipment reliability is guaranteed by regular equipment maintenance performed at facilities in Houston, Texas. HaulMark's 24 hour a day, 365 days a year, road breakdown department can handle any concern which may occur in route.