Independent Contractors Needed!

Pilot Freight Services is an international, privately held, profitable and stable company in business since 1970. We are headquartered in Philadelphia and operate over 75 locations throughout the US and abroad.

Carrier Requirements
26’ box truck with high cube capability. Like new condition, white box and cab. Free from damage or graffiti. Cleaned bi weekly.

Cellular Smart phone capable of supporting apps
At least one fluent English speaking team member
All drivers/helpers must pass a background and drug test
Tools as defined on subsequent pages
Potential to install a removable Ashley logo onto truck
Must obtain or possess the appropriate insurance requirements

  • Liability Insurance 1,000,000 per accident and 1,000,000 per employee
  • Commercial General Liability with a 2,000,000 limit per occurrence and 2,000,000 annual aggregate
  • Umbrella policy of at least $5,000,000
  • Automobile liability with a combined single limit of 1,000,000 per accident
  • Employee theft and dishonesty (fidelity) of at least 1,000,000
  • Errors and omissions liability of at least 2,000,000 per occurrence

Delivery teams shall consist of two man teams with a driver and a helper
6 days a week program
Load outs performed the night prior to deliveries
Services include the delivery and assembly/installation of furniture and household goods. 
Occasional touch ups
Contractor settlements are submitted at the end of each week and paid 14 days later through Openforce
IC’s provide their uniform and all tools necessary to perform the work

Daily Responsibilities (High level)

  • Confirm the right products have been identified for delivery
  • Confirm that all tools, parts, devices, and delivery manifest are on the truck along with all the paperwork.
  • Blanket wrap items for delivery
  • Accept legal possession of merchandise to be delivered
  • Be in a clean uniform and have an extra uniform on the truck. Have badge and valid drivers license for the driver and valid driver's license or other photo ID for helper.
  • Call each customer 30 min. prior to delivery.
  • Have customer sign delivery paperwork as well as device or customer manifest.
  • Notify dispatcher when running early or late or having any difficulty with deliveries.
  • If any delivery cannot be completed, make sure the situation is noted on the paperwork and signed by driver and customer.
  • Load out at appropriate time as defined by your route.
  • Same day returns and load out expected
  • Pick up old bedding


Daily rate based on length of route (Plus pay per performance)
Tolls are a pass through
Daily rate of $12.32 for advertising if truck is equipped with Ashley signage
0 – 180 Mile routes $ 495.00 plus pay for performance
181 – 276 Mile routes $535.00 plus pay for performance
>276 Rate above + .76 per mile beyond 276
(Example 300 miles would be $535 + $17.48 (23 miles x .76 ) = $552.48

Pay for performance
Weekly pay per performance based on two factors

Adds anywhere from $10 to $60 per day when both hit. Must run all 5 days and be fully compliant to qualify.

NPS score                                             Completion rate
Level 1 97% - 97.99% 25.00                  Level 1 75 – 79% 25.00
Level 2 98% - 98.49% 75.00                  Level 2 80 – 84% 75.00
Level 3 98.5% - 99.49% 100.00             Level 3 85 – 89% 100.00
Level 4 >99.5% 150.00                     Level 4 >90 150.00

Additional items
Walk ups above third floor $7 per piece per floor
3 man deliveries, All routes that have 4 stops or greater in Manhattan $75.00
Non -compliance fee will apply for dropped loads, trash and bedding litter, etc.

Required Tools
Delivery Tools

  • Box Cutter
  • Straps
  • Handtruck
  • Floor pads
  • Floor slides
  • Felt pads
  • Booties
  • Gloves

Assembly Tools

  • Channel Locks - Pliers - 6” adjustable wrench - Hammer - Rubber Mallet - Staple Gun -Cleaning Rag/Cloth - Tape Measure (25’ Min) – Embroidery Scissors - Screw drivers (slotted and phillips) – Dust pan set – Socket set
  • Drill Gun (Min. 12 volts)
    • Tips:
      • Phillips
      • Flat
      • Drill bit set
  • Touch up kit
  • Hardware pack
  • Door jamb protector